The New 98-7, The Song is here.  The same uplifting music and conversation you’ve heard on 98.7 for years, but, with a new name and a new focus.  We hope to uplift your family every day.  Be a friend to you, your church, and your community in greater ways than ever before.  To help to make Central Indiana a better place to live and raise a family.   

Why the name The Song?   Well, over and over again, we hear listeners ask, “Who sings that SONG?” or “I love that SONG” or “That SONG really impacted me!”  Our radio format, more than many others, is all about the SONGS we play.  We know friends listen for our on-air personalities too, but, it’s the SONGS that really define who we are and our mission.   

We hope you’ll help spread the word with your friends at church, on Facebook and work too!  Uplifting radio is here in Central Indiana.  The New 98-7, The Song.



  1. Deborah Templeton

    LOL! I was one of those people who asked about a song!

    New website looks GREAT! You are more than a radio station to me. The music lets me worship (even while listening at work), and the DJs are encouraging. The work you do is greatly appreciated.

    Love you all!


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